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2020 Mazda CX-30 for Sale

2020 Mazda CX-30 now for Sale at Wolfe Langley Mazda

The all-new CX-30 is now available at Wolfe Langely Mazda. Here's a breakdown of trims in our online inventory below.

Dealer Price
$26,888 - $32,800

Every Feature to Brag About on the Mazda CX-30

The all-new CX-30 with the same 2.5L 4cyl from the Mazda 3 pumping out 186hp and 186lb ft torque. In terms of interior, The CX-30 has barely more interior room and no cargo space than a Mazda 3 hatchback and matches the fuel economy of the Mazda 3. But, we get it.  The CX-30 is all about design and has made conscious decisions to avoid it for the sake of sacrificing tried and true solutions rather than reinventing what doesn't need to be reinvented.

Latest CX-30 Deals

If you decide to get the latest CX-30 model, we currently have a promotion.  Click here or the image below for the offer.

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