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2022 Mazda CX-5 Features and Specifications

Mazda has launched the new 2022 Mazda CX-5. The old design has been re-engineered and looks amazing. With better aerodynamics and continual All-Wheel-Drive, you’re in for an incredible driving experience. Keep reading to discover more about this latest edition, its features and specifications.

Mazda’s iActive All Wheel Drive

All of the 2022 Mazda CX-5 models come standard with the iActive AWD. It has been developed to keep your wheels safely on the road in all weather and road conditions. It consists of a system of sensors that measure all the critical information, like vehicle speed, pressure on the steering wheel, steering response, acceleration, brake pressure, engine force driving conditions and even the driver’s intent. This information is then used to transfer power from the front wheels to the rear wheels and back as required. Almost all the power goes to the front wheels in normal weather conditions and town traffic. In conditions where there is little traction, the power gets transferred to the rear tires.

Engine and Transmission

Fitted standard to all the 2022 Mazda CX-5 models is Mazda’s SkyActive-G 2.5L four-cylinder engines. These engines have 187 hp and 186 lb of torque. Coupled with the SkyActive Drive six-speed Automatic transmission, they combine good performance with an excellent fuel efficiency of 24/30 (city/highway). If you want more power, there’s the stunning Sport Design model. It comes in exquisite gloss black with black leather. Red stitching enhances the sporty feel, which is rounded off well with black metallic alloy wheels. You can select the Dynamic Pressure Turbo SkyActive 2.5T engine as an upgrade. This turbo engine kicks out 256 horses with 320 lb Torque. Fuel efficiency is 22/27 (city/highway).

Mazda Intelligent Drive Master

You can upgrade your model to Mazda’s iDrive Master selection. This is advanced technology where the passenger weight distribution is measured. The passengers move and sway as the driver accelerates or goes around bends. There is a blue, green or white light indicating to the driver if he is driving too fast to ensure a comfortable passenger experience.


The easy-to-operate 10.25-inch full-colour center display comes standard with all 2022 CX-5 models. The Mazda Connect System connects to all Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phones. You can also add a 360 view monitor, wide-angle rearview camera, and front and rear sensors for extra safety.


The suggested retail prices for the 2022 Mazda CX-5 entry-level start at $33,900. The price for the Signature Turbo model starts at $42,350.


Mazda seems to have got it all right with the new 2022 CX-5. It offers stunning design, handling and performance. With its all-black styling and amazing power, the Signature Turbo CX-5 is the one to watch.

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