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Meet the Mazda Skyactiv technology

Meet the Mazda Skyactiv technology

Mazda's Skyactiv technology is an innovative approach to engineering, ensuring components in the vehicle work in complete harmony to deliver a smoother, more natural drive. All the major parts in new Mazda cars are designed using the Skyactiv approach, and combine seamlessly to deliver better fuel economy, enhanced handling and safety, and lower emissions. Here are the highlights of Skyactiv technology in the five main areas of a modern Mazda vehicle.


Skyactiv Engines


Built to a lightweight and responsive design, Mazda's Skyactiv engines deliver unmatched levels of fuel economy for reduced emissions and lower costs, and are available in three formats.


- Skyactiv Dynamic Pressure Turbo: This design uses a high compression ratio to squeeze more performance from every drop of fuel, while also lowering combustion temperature for greater economy and lower emissions.


- Skyactiv-G Gasoline: These gas engines focus on high torque in the low-to-mid output range, making for a responsive and agile drive in everyday conditions. What's more, automatic cylinder deactivation can reduce fuel consumption dramatically when the full engine output isn't needed in your drive.


- Skyactiv-D Dual Turbo Diesel: These diesel engines deliver some of the lowest emissions ever, through a 20% improvement in fuel efficiency combined with advanced exhaust scrubbing technologies, all without sacrificing any performance.


Skyactiv Transmissions


Skyactiv transmissions are available in manual and automatic options, both using gear ratios designed to blend crisp performance with low fuel consumption. The engineering is also smaller, lighter, and stronger than regular transmissions, greatly reducing the fuel impact of one the heaviest parts of a car while still providing satisfyingly sporty performance.


Skyactiv Vehicle Dynamics


Skyactiv technology can also work to deliver a smoother and more predictable drive, using a system known as G-Vectoring Control. Whenever the steering wheel is turned, the system balances engine torque and wheel load balancing to reduce g-forces and increase stability. The overall result is that the driver needs to make fewer steering corrections, and the vehicle behaves exactly in line with driver expectations, increasing confidence and reducing fatigue.


Skyactiv Body


Bodywork designed using Skyactiv technology delivers an unrivalled combination of strength, rigidity, and lightness. The result is excellent handling and fuel economy, alongside impeccable sturdiness for crash safety. A careful choice of materials means the body is rated at 8 percent lighter but 30 percent more rigid than designs on older models, maximizing the performance benefits of the Skyactiv engines and transmissions.


Skyactiv Chassis


Lastly, the chassis on Mazda cars also benefits from Skyactiv technology, delivering both stability at high speeds and nimble responsiveness at lower engine outputs. The suspension and steering are closely integrated to generate a cohesive feel, greatly improving drive quality and safety alike.


Experience the Mazda Skyactiv Technology for Yourself


See for yourself what a difference Skyactiv technology makes to your experience by booking a test drive of Mazda cars from Wolfe Langley, the premier Mazda dealer in Surrey. Whether you're looking for the family-friendly CX-3 SUV or the sports appeal of the MX-5, Mazda cars with Skyactiv technology take you closer than ever to the perfect drive.

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