Our Furry Friends

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When taking a dog for a drive, There is no way for the dog to comprehend that you have control of the vehicle. There is no way he can realize that you're turning the wheel or pushing a pedal makes the car move. He must think that both of you walk out to this adventure box, you have your seat, he has his, and you take off to a mystery location- sometimes parks, sometimes the vet; you just roll the dice and go on adventures together.

Daisy, 5 month old Cockapoo

Jasper, 3 months old

Hela 1 Year Old Rhodesian Ridgeback

Jesse and Louie


Raiden, 2.5 Years Old

Hank the Tank


Lucy, 7 years old



Chester and Jeff with Santa

Kodi with Santa

Guinness and Tucker with Santa


Hunter with Santa

Dexter with Santa



Baxter. Black Lab (5 months).





T.C. 3 years old.



Foxy, a Yorkie Papillon.

Loki, a 9 week old Labradoodle.

Sparkle, a Black Pomeranian.

Grimm. 4 months old.

Lucy. 2 years old.

Crixus and Nasiar


Kona. 7 weeks old









Kaylie is riding in the back of a 2016 Subaru Forester.

Our new Director of Marketing, Bella. She’s a lot more demanding then me though.

This is the owners dog Rio. Rio likes to check over our work every now and then to make sure it is correct!

Noodle 5 Months Old

Cody 6 years old

Snoopy Jack Russel Multis

Nate 4 year old

Max 12 years old schnauzer

Sigourney 3 yrs old

Fraser, 10 years old

Ghost 7 week old Labradoodle Leopard Mix

Miko 3 Month Old Rescue

Mindy – 7 Yr Old Boston Terrier

Frankie (front) & Signourney (back)


Harley 2 yr old lab border collie

Lucy 2 yrs old, Libby 5 yrs old, and Sam-Wow! 7 ½ yrs old

Sophie 13 years old

My name is Tucker I am a 9 week old phantom labradoodle

This is Molly, she is an 11 year old Golden Retriever

Niha is a 13 years Saluki breed

Fritz 8 month old pit bull lab

Hunter 9 months

Kiki – 6 years old

Rosie – 8 weeks old

Cody 5 year multi

Max Power 15 months old. Owner says he’s his breed bulldog and shitzu cross

Lucy – 7 Yr Old Spinger Spaniel

Hunter he likes to play with cats & loves to bug his uncle Roofus.

Anika 3 years and Danta 2 years

Charlie 7.5 years old

Just lounging at Wolfes waiting for my people

Stella 9 Months old

Rain is a 3 month old German Shepherd

This is Gator. He’s an American Bully 5yrs old.

My name is Roofus

7 Year Old Rescue Total Lady Killer.

My name is Sheena

My name is Mudslide

Towser 2 years old

Whoopi Hungarian sheep dog (poli)

Benny- 8 Weeks

Shyla- 10 year old Yorkie

Baron- 5 month old Vizsla

Cooper 10 years old Standard Poodle