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When to Replace Your Tires?

When to Replace Your Tires?

With school just about out and people thinking about taking those summer trips, it's an ideal time to think about your vehicle. Will your car be up for the trip?


One thing to consider is the tires. People may forget about their tires until something goes wrong. It's easy to ignore or neglect your tires because it may be something you don't think about much in your daily life.


However, you want to keep an eye on them and know when to replace your tires. Let's look at some key ways to know it's time for a tire replacement.


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You've had them a long time


One easy way to know it's time to replace your tires is that you've had them a long time, and you haven't replaced them yet. Most tires can go about 50,000 miles, give or take a few thousand miles depending on the quality of tire you get.


So, if you have driven more than that without changing them, then it is a good idea to have them checked.


The car is vibrating


If you notice your vehicle is shaking and vibrating, then it's an indicator that something might be wrong with the tires. They might need to be rotated, but one of the tires could be going bad. It's best to get it checked out.


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They are bulging out


If you see a bulging area on the side of your tire, then that's not a good sign. This could mean that the tire is on its last leg. It may be dangerous to keep driving it in this condition. Check with your nearest repair shop to get it looked at.


They have no tread


Checking how much tread is on your tire is the easiest way to determine if you need a new tire or not. You can sometimes tell by looking at the tire because you'll notice the tread depth is gone and the tire looks flat in some spots. However, it could be difficult to tell by just looking. You can use a penny to see how much tread is left on a tire. You put the head of a penny into the grooves of the tread and if you see Lincoln's head, then the tire needs to be replaced. If not, then you should be good for a little while more. However, it is best to have a professional look at them to be sure.

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